Abinath’s death a great loss to Sai Ram Students

This video is definitely for all those parents of 12th std students who have the idea of joining their kids in Engineering colleges. Avoid #Sairam Save your kids. This colleges can do anything to get results and fame.. Anything… This could be the situation for you as well.. There’s is nothing more valuable than your kids life… But it is just another student’s death.. They can just give a condolences in press conference and give a full page ad about the students achievements and go back torturing your kids for the sake to get good ranking..

To all 12th std students..the aspiring engineers… Plz share this with your parents.. Coz it’s your own life would be at stake if you join these colleges..

Alumnis please share this video across.. Coz you know better abt this college than anyone else…

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