Surfers, swimmers barred from beaches around Mamallapuram

The town is set to host the Modi-Xi summit next month

Police have banned surfing activities around Mamallapuram in view of the high-level summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping next month.

On Sunday, the members of a surfing school, free surfers and ocean swimmers were stopped from entering the Kovalam Muttukadu beach by the Coastal Security Group DSP.

‘Ban will hit us hard’

“We have many students, children and groups coming to learn surfing. We understand if we have to stay away from the beach a few days before the PM’s visit. But 20 days ahead, if we stop our work, it will hit us hard and we will find it difficult to pay rent and salaries,” said Showkath Jamal R., a surfing school owner, claiming that the police action was selective.

However, DSP Balamurugan said, “We have told surfing schools which do not have the necessary NOC to suspend their activities in view of VIP visit to the area.”

Meanwhile, surfers have petitioned the authorities against the ban on surfing activities much ahead of the summit.

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