Fox’s Benjamin Hall, severely injured in Ukraine, pays tribute to colleagues killed in attack

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall, who was severely injured in Ukraine last month, paid tribute in a tweet on Thursday to two colleagues who were killed in the attack.

“Its been over three weeks since the attack in Ukraine and I wanted to start sharing it all,” wrote Hall. “But first I need to pay tribute to my colleagues Pierre and Sasha who didnt make it that day.”

Hall added a photo of Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski, writing, “Pierre and I traveled the world together, working was his joy and his joy was infectious.”

The vehicle in which Hall and Zakrzewski were riding in March was hit by incoming fire outside Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv, killing Zakrzewski and injuring Hall.

Ukrainian native Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova, who was working as a freelance consultant for Fox News and was also in the vehicle, was killed in the same attack.

Hall shared a video in which Ukrainian Member of Parliament Sviatoslav Yurash, a longtime friend of Kuvshynova, spoke about her “senseless killing”

“She was a person that was full of life,” Yurash said of Kuvshynova on the network. “She wanted the world to see that Ukraine that she was building, be that in journalism, in music, in the work that she has done with filmmakers, with various organizations that tried to make the world better and Ukraine better.”

Hall also posted an update on his own condition, along with a photo of himself lying on a medical bed and wearing an eyepatch, among other medical equipment.

He wrote: “To sum it up, I’ve lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other. One hand is being put together, one eye is no longer working, and my hearing is pretty blown… but all in all I feel pretty damn lucky to be here – and it is the people who got me here who are amazing!”

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