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One of the key focus areas for the growth of Usha Martin Limited shall be enrichment of product mix – Rajeev Jhawar

Usha Martin is one of the leading wire rope manufacturers in the country. Rajeev Jhawar, the son of Brij Kishore Jhawar, is the managing director of Usha Martin Limited. He has been at the helm of the Usha Martin Group for three decades. He is also the Director of Neutral Publishing House Ltd. Usha Martin underwent the incorporation process in the year 1986 under the name Usha Beltron Ltd. Since its inception, the company had been seeing immense growth and was elegantly walking up the ladder for the past 50 years. Some of its manufacturing units are set up in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur, Dubai, Bangkok and UK.

The Global R&D center of Usha Martin located in Italy is actively engaged in designing of wire ropes and uses proprietary design software to develop products that are the best in class. Usha Martin also has a comprehensive R&D facility in their manufacturing unit at Ranchi in India. Usha Martin’s facility in Ranchi is one of the world’s largest wire rope manufacturing units. Other than wire rope, this unit also manufactures LRPC strands, customized for diversified applications in Infrastructural development works, Renewable energy installations, Construction and Maintenance of Bridges etc.

Rajeev Jhawar’s Usha Martin Limited also has an enviable track record in manufacturing & supply of pre-stressing machines and accessories, backed by expert installation teams for Pre-stressing jobs. The facility in Ranchi also has an additional set-up for manufacturing high quality conveyor cords. Usha Martin Limited is currently gearing itself up to deal with all possible opportunities and adversaries during these uncertain times. According to Rajeev Jhawar Usha Martin, one of the key focus areas for growth of the company shall be enrichment of product mix by reducing low contributory items and focusing more on high value-added products, with the aim to shift the focus from volume to value.

In addition to enriching the product mix and expanding footprint in new geographies, Usha Martin will also continue to focus on areas like enlarging product basket and deliverables, moving up the value chain through service networks, strengthening network and market reach through digital platforms, strategic brand positioning and imbibing environmental, social and governance aspects in their business practices. With these plans in hand, Rajeev Jhawar Usha Martin Limited remains confident of making deeper inroads into international markets with high contributory products.

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  1. Great timing for Usha Martin to set footprint in international market. They can surely mark their name in the international field

  2. Usha Martin has the ability to conquer new geographies. It is possible with a capable leader and I’m sure Rajeev Jhawar has got it in him

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