Rajeev Jhawar Usha Martin

Rajeev Jhawar Usha Martin

Rajeev Jhawar’s Usha Martin poised for expansion keeping sustainable development as its core

Usha Martin is a leading global manufacturer of wire ropes. Established in the year 1960, the organization has grown from strength to strength to establish itself as the market leader with its multi-unit and multi-product portfolio. Usha Martin’s wire rope manufacturing facilities in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur, Dubai, Bangkok and UK produce the widest range of wire ropes that find application in various industries across the world. Usha Martin’s current focus is in the area of sustainable and resilient development. All through the previous financial year, the company was poised for expansion keeping sustainable development as its core.

Rajeev Jhawar Usha Martin constantly strives to take all possible initiatives to conduct its business in a responsible and sustainable manner to comply with environmental regulations and induce overall growth of its business and relevant stakeholders. “The objective of the new format is to ensure sustainability reporting being at par with financial reporting which helps companies make better sustainable investment choices based on quantifiable metrices”, says Rajeev Jhawar, MD, Usha Martin.

Rajeev Jhawar Usha Martin effort to being sustainable was also recognised by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) who presented them with “Certificate of Achievement” and “Award of Honour” for Usha Martin’s facilities at Ranchi and Hoshiarpur respectively on World Standards Day. Rajeev Jhawar is looking forward to collaborating more closely with BIS and enhancing the industry’s users, regulators, and other stakeholders by providing goods and services that meet the highest international standards. “We will continue to recognise and groom in-house talent and create a leadership pool that would eventually benefit the organisation in the long run. We will also continue to focus in the areas of health and sanitation, conservation of natural resources, education and sustainable livelihoods to ensure we are able to bring about change for the society at large”, Rajeev Jhawar, MD, Usha Martin said.

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