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Commuters shared their experience on the newly inaugurated purple line.

Bengaluru Metro’s New Line Inaugurated; BJP’s Tejasvi Surya Highlights the Importance

The 42-kilometer-long Purple Line section of the Bengaluru Metro commenced operations on a Monday morning, bringing relief to commuters and offering a cost-effective mode of transportation. Delighted passengers took to social media to express their satisfaction with the newfound respite from the city’s traffic congestion, all at the reasonable fare of just Rs 57.

BJP MP from Bengaluru, Tejasvi Surya, used social media to present his solution to the city’s traffic challenges. He underscored the significance of developing a reliable and affordable public transportation system as the key to addressing Bengaluru’s traffic woes.

Tejasvi Surya stated, “It’s an important reminder that the answer to traffic congestion is not building more roads, but building reliable and affordable public transport infrastructure.”

Describing the new Bengaluru metro line as “momentous,” Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri shared his thoughts on social media, saying, “For the convenience of people, services on two stretches of the Purple Line of #BengaluruMetro have been started without waiting for any VIP or elaborate opening ceremony to provide seamless connectivity on the entire length from Challaghatta to Whitefield.”

He added, “With this, the total length of India’s second largest metro rail network, India’s preferred mode of green, efficient & affordable urban commute, has now increased to 73.81 kms.”

Passengers who experienced the newly inaugurated Purple Line also took to social media to share their thoughts.

One passenger compared the cost of the Purple Line section with Ola cabs and BMTC buses, highlighting the affordability and convenience of metro travel. They wrote, “Challaghatta to Whitefield. Ola Cab: Rs 1,000, Ola Auto: Rs 600, BMTC Bus (Day Pass): Rs 70, Metro: Rs 60. For just Rs 60, Bengalureans today can have a comfortable 42.5 km commute in 60-80 minutes from one end to another. Pollution-Less, Savings-More, Peace of Mind-Even More. The Purple Line is the longest metro stretch currently in Bengaluru.”

Another social media user applauded the initiative, stating, “Wow, that’s fantastic! Connecting areas and making transportation accessible is always a win. Kudos to the team behind this milestone. Commuters in Bengaluru will definitely benefit from the Purple Line extension.”

Vivekananda Hallekere, another social media user, marveled at the efficiency of public transport, saying, “See the magic of public transport. Couldn’t have imagined 39 minutes to Whitefield ever from anywhere in Bangalore, probably not even from Whitefield to Whitefield.”

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