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Faris Aboobacker

A look at the life of the self-made Keralite millionaire, Faris Aboobacker

Indian industrialist, businessman, and investor Faris Aboobacker. He is one of the most talked-about investors of our time and a self-made millionaire.


Early on, Faris Aboobacker displayed his inclination towards entrepreneurship. He began by taking over his father’s little export firm, and as he grew up, he invested in several more businesses. In the Kozhikode region of Kerala, in the isolated village of Nandi, he was born to Mariakarat Sophia and Mundail Abu Bakar. Young Faris was very interested in the small business his father also had in Chennai. He would put in a lot of work to grow this company, which eventually drew him towards success.  

From an early age, the young Faris displayed the charisma necessary to succeed in life. By the age of 27 or 28, he had already amassed a million dollars thanks to his business savvy. He currently owns businesses in various locations in India, including Kerala, Chennai, and other locations, as well as worldwide.

Faris Aboobacker serves as a director for 32 organisations. Faris Aboobacker first began serving as a director with Parrot Grove Private Limited company on March 21, 2005, and was most recently appointed as a director of Chikmangaloor Realestates Private Limited company on September 25, 2017.


Parrot Grove Private Limited, Petropas Automative Private Limited, Rusoh Elegant Real Estate Private Limited, Rusoh City Realtors Private Limited, Periyanayaki Project Private Limited, Mahe Super Developers Private Limited, Kuthavakkam City Builders Private Limited, Palani Realtors Private Limited, Parambikulam Real Estates Private Limited, Marina Super Properties Private Limited, Paparapakkam Real Estates Private Limited, Cochin Cyber Sapphire Properties Private Limited, Thiruchour Properties Private Limited, Voice Thoughts Communication Private Limited, Cochin Rich Properties Private Limited, Aranmula Developers Private Limited, Dakshinyan Builders Private Limited, Cochin Supercity Developers Private Limited, Daram Developers Private Limited, Vellam Real Estates Private Limited, Vallam Properties Private Limited, Vaartha Realty Media Private Limited, Xamorin Real Estate Investment Private Limited.