Normalcy Returns as Schools and Colleges Reopen After Chennai Floods

In the aftermath of the recent heavy rains and flooding caused by cyclonic storm Michaung, schools and colleges in four districts of Tamil Nadu are set to resume operations today, Monday, December 11. The districts of Chennai, Tiruvallur, Chengalpattu, and Kanchipuram, which bore the brunt of the adverse weather conditions, are now witnessing a return to normalcy after a week-long closure.

The relentless downpour led to severe waterlogging and flooding in several areas, disrupting daily life for residents. Many educational institutions were directly affected, with some even being utilized as shelter homes for those whose houses succumbed to the relentless rains.

Recognizing the impact on the education system, the school education department has swiftly responded by allocating Rs.1 crore to rehabilitate the affected schools. This fund injection aims to restore the functionality of these institutions, ensuring that students can resume their studies without further delay.

The decision to reopen schools and colleges comes after a thorough assessment of the situation by local authorities. While the rains have subsided, efforts are being made to restore normalcy in the affected regions, and the reopening of educational institutions is a significant step towards resuming routine activities.

Parents and students alike are relieved as educational institutions reopen their doors, providing a sense of normalcy and routine after the disruptions caused by the natural calamity. The allocation of funds for rehabilitation showcases the government’s commitment to prioritizing education even in the face of challenging circumstances.

As the process of recovery continues, residents and authorities are working together to ensure a swift return to regular life in the flood-affected areas. The reopening of schools and colleges marks a crucial milestone in this journey, offering hope and stability to the communities affected by the recent floods.

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