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Kamatchi Amman Nagar area inundated with floodwater after heavy rainfall in the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung, in Chennai on Dec 8

Tamil Nadu Minister Announces Swift Financial Aid for Flood-Hit Families Amid Cyclone Aftermath

In the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung wreaking havoc in Chennai, Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin has pledged urgent financial assistance of Rs 6,000 to families affected by the devastating floods. The relief measures come as the city grapples with the aftermath of severe flooding caused by the cyclone.

Speaking to the media, Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin assured that the aid distribution process would commence shortly, with affected families expected to receive the financial assistance within a week. Explaining the distribution system, he stated, “The compensation will be distributed within one week based on a token system. The tokens will be given at government ration shops.”

Despite some damage to these shops due to the incessant rains, the minister provided reassurance that once repairs are completed, the distribution of aid will proceed promptly.

Responding to criticisms regarding the state’s preparedness and infrastructure, Udhayanidhi refuted allegations that the interim report of the Thiruppugazh Committee had not been properly implemented. He credited the existing stormwater drainage system for the swift drainage of rainwater and the restoration of power within three days.

Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena offered an update on the situation in Chennai, noting that normalcy has returned to 95 percent of the city thanks to the ongoing relief and rescue operations. He emphasized that water has receded in most areas, and efforts are underway to pump out water in the remaining affected zones.

“Except for a few streets, water is clear. We have restored power supply in the city. All essential commodities and essential services have been restored. Things are near normal,” said Chief Secretary Meena.

Addressing concerns from residents of North Chennai about relief efforts, the Chief Secretary assured that essential services have been reinstated in the region, and specialized teams are actively addressing issues such as oil spills based on committee recommendations.

As Chennai progresses towards full recovery, the Chief Secretary identified the next challenge as the management of solid waste. To tackle this issue, additional equipment and staff have been deployed, with an assurance that the matter will be resolved in the coming days. The collective efforts aim to restore normalcy and provide crucial support to the affected families in their journey towards recovery.

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