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Suchana Seth

Indian AI Startup CEO Arrested: Son’s Body Found in Luggage

The CEO of an Indian AI startup, Suchana Seth, was arrested under suspicion of murdering her 4-year-old son. The child’s body was discovered in her luggage as she returned from Goa to Bengaluru. Seth, in custody, has not commented, and it’s unclear if she has legal representation. Her company has not issued a statement.

Seth had checked into a Goa hotel with her son but left alone. Hotel staff found bloodstains, leading to police involvement. The taxi driver who transported Seth was contacted, leading to the discovery of the child’s body in her luggage.

North Goa’s Superintendent of Police confirmed the finding. Seth was brought back to Goa, and her husband, in Indonesia, was requested to return to India.

A local court remanded Seth to six days in police custody, as per news agency ANI.

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