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Vijay Sethupathi pictured at the press conference of Merry Christmas.

Vijay Sethupathi’s Triumph Over Body-Shaming: “I Embrace Myself Happily”

Vijay Sethupathi stands out as a pan-Indian star in today’s entertainment landscape. With a diverse portfolio spanning Tamil, Telugu, and even making waves as a formidable antagonist in Bollywood’s blockbuster “Jawan,” Sethupathi continually proves his prowess. However, in a recent promotional interview for his upcoming film “Merry Christmas,” he shed light on the less glamorous aspects of being a successful personality.

Speaking to the Indian Express, Vijay Sethupathi candidly shared, “I have faced a lot of body-shaming for the way I look. They – other industries – also did it. It happened, but the good thing is that people accept you for who you are.” He expressed gratitude for the widespread acceptance he receives wherever he goes, considering it a blessing. He further added, “Thanks to my audience, I am happy being myself. I didn’t expect this, I didn’t,” expressing his appreciation for the overwhelming love from his fans.

Addressing discussions about his simple fashion choices that resonate with a relatable and laid-back style, Sethupathi acknowledged the impact of public chatter on his fashion sensibilities. “Sometimes I am conscious about my costumes because I believe in wearing what I am comfortable in,” he mentioned. Reflecting on critiques of being overly simple or showing off, he humorously questioned the interpretation of simplicity when it came to wearing slippers.

Expressing his gratitude to his loyal fans, Sethupathi emphasized the genuine love from his fanbase as an energizing force. “Receiving love from fans is like an energy drink,” he shared. He attributed this support as a testament to his work reaching people and being appreciated, fueling his drive.

In his upcoming film “Merry Christmas,” directed by Sriram Raghavan and starring alongside Katrina Kaif, Sethupathi anticipates a release in theatres on January 12. The thriller, filmed in both Hindi and Tamil, promises an intriguing cinematic experience.

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