Governor Ravi said his repeated requests and advice to show due respect to the national anthem and play it at the beginning and the end of his address have been ignored.

Tamil Nadu Governor Ravi Refuses to Deliver Traditional Address in Assembly, Walks Out

In yet another episode of discord with the M K Stalin-led government, Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi made a notable exit from the Assembly on Monday, declining to deliver the customary address that marks the commencement of the legislative session each year.

This isn’t the first instance of Governor Ravi’s divergence from protocol. Last year, he had chosen to omit portions of the official speech prepared by the ruling DMK government, setting a precedent for his latest act of defiance.

Citing persistent disregard for his requests to accord due reverence to the national anthem, Governor Ravi expressed his disappointment in the Assembly. He emphasized that despite his repeated advisories, his concerns were overlooked. The Governor elaborated on his decision, stating, “This address contains numerous passages with which I vehemently disagree on both factual and moral grounds. My vocal endorsement of such content could amount to a constitutional travesty. Therefore, out of respect for this esteemed House, I conclude my address. I extend my wishes for a fruitful and constructive deliberation for the welfare of the people. Long live Tamil Nadu, long live India. Victory to India, gratitude.”

Subsequently, Assembly Speaker M Appavu proceeded to read out the prepared Tamil rendition of the address, underscoring the economic advancement and societal strides achieved under the stewardship of the Stalin government, despite facing various adversities over the years.

Acknowledging Governor Ravi’s stance, Speaker Appavu highlighted the absence of flood relief funds released by the Centre to the state. He suggested that the Governor could urge the Union Government to allocate Rs 50,000 crore from the PM Cares Fund for flood relief efforts.

However, before the rendition of the national anthem, Governor Ravi exited the Tamil Nadu Assembly, marking a symbolic conclusion to the standoff between the state government and the gubernatorial office.

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