Chennai auto-rickshaw race, viral video, reckless driving

Chennai's Dangerous Auto-Rickshaw Race

Auto-Rickshaw Racing on Chennai’s Outer Ring Road Sparks Outrage

In a shocking turn of events, a video has surfaced online showing a dangerous race involving at least eight auto-rickshaws on Chennai’s outer ring road. This reckless behavior has put the lives of many commuters in grave danger.

The footage, which has quickly gone viral, captures the autorickshaws racing at high speeds, trying to overtake each other amidst heavy traffic. Adding to the chaos, about 20 motorbikes can be seen riding alongside the autorickshaws, forming a protective shield around the speeding vehicles.

The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday and has since sparked widespread concern and outrage. Commuters caught in the commotion were visibly distressed as they navigated through the perilous situation.

As the video continues to circulate on social media, Chennai police have taken notice and initiated an investigation into the incident. Authorities are determined to identify the individuals involved and hold them accountable for their reckless actions, ensuring such dangerous activities are curtailed in the future.

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