allegedly raped, 15-year-old girl, birthday party

Teen offered spiked food.

Chennai teen raped at birthday party, was offered spiked food by ‘friend’

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two men after they spiked her food with another woman’s help at a birthday party in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

According to police, the girl, a Class 11 student, was befriended by a woman at a cafe in Anna Nagar. The woman later invited her to an apartment for a birthday celebration. The woman allegedly offered the teen spiked food, causing her to lose consciousness.

Subsequently, two men reportedly sexually assaulted her. The woman also threatened to kill the girl if she disclosed the incident.

The incident came to light two days later when the girl’s sister noticed her looking unwell and took her to a doctor, where she revealed the sexual assault.

The girl’s parents filed a police complaint, leading to the arrest of two people, named Somesh and Prathiksha, respectively. Authorities are currently searching for a third suspect, identified as Williams.

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