Snap Inc CEO Evan Spiegel Sees India as Prime Ground for Augmented Reality Expansion


In an exclusive conversation with Business Today, Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap Inc, shared his insights on India’s potential as a thriving market for augmented reality (AR). Snap Inc, the parent company of the popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat, is gearing up to unveil a series of initiatives centered around machine learning and AR, emphasizing the significant opportunities that lie ahead.

Snapchat’s Unique Approach:

Snapchat has differentiated itself by providing an innovative alternative to traditional social media platforms. Focused on camera-based interactions, the app allows users to express themselves uniquely, setting it apart from its competitors. Spiegel highlighted the app’s distinctive feature, enabling users to engage with AR tools seamlessly, enhancing their interactions with friends and brands.

AR Initiatives and Machine Learning Integration:

Over the next few days, Snap Inc plans to introduce a range of initiatives related to AR. One of the key aspects involves integrating machine learning tools into Lens Studio, Snap’s developer environment for building AR lenses. Spiegel emphasized the significance of AI-assisted tools, streamlining the lens creation process and expediting the development of essential 3D assets for compelling AR experiences.

Historically, crafting intricate 3D assets has been time-consuming and demanding. Spiegel believes that AI can significantly accelerate this process, fostering greater creativity and experimentation among developers in the realm of augmented reality.

India’s Role and Optimism:

From Spiegel’s perspective, India stands out as a promising market for AR expansion. He expressed optimism about the youthful energy and forward-thinking mindset prevalent among India’s younger demographic. Spiegel highlighted the remarkable creativity exhibited by Indian users, especially in educational settings where Snap Inc has conducted workshops on lens studios and augmented reality.

Moreover, Spiegel acknowledged the openness and enthusiasm with which Indians embrace AR tools. He finds the combination of youthful creativity and optimism about the future exceptionally exciting, making India a vibrant and dynamic hub for Snap Inc’s AR initiatives.


Evan Spiegel’s positive outlook underscores the immense potential India holds for Snap Inc’s augmented reality endeavors. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, Snap Inc is poised to further enhance the AR landscape in India, engaging users in immersive and imaginative experiences.

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