Heavy Rains Prompt School Closures in Tamil Nadu’s Five Districts

As the northeast monsoon intensifies in Tamil Nadu, heavy rainfall has forced the closure of schools in five districts: Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Madurai, Theni, and Dindigul. Additionally, some taluks in Nilgiris have also announced a holiday for schools on Thursday due to the inclement weather.

The heavy downpour has led to challenging conditions, impacting transportation as well. In the Nilgiris Mountain Railway section, two trains were canceled as the soil beneath the track washed away between Kallar and Adderly, a consequence of the relentless rain.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued forecasts indicating isolated heavy rainfall in Kerala and Tamil Nadu on Thursday. Across the southern Peninsula of India, the Met Department anticipates light to moderately scattered and fairly widespread rainfall.

Kerala, in particular, has been experiencing significant rainfall, with Kannur district recording 7 cm of precipitation on Wednesday. According to the latest IMD bulletin, Kerala is expected to witness widespread rainfall for the next two days. Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu is likely to experience fairly widespread rainfall during the same period.

In Telangana, scattered rainfall is anticipated on Thursday, prompting authorities to take precautionary measures in response to the monsoon impact. Stay tuned for further updates on weather conditions and related announcements in the affected regions.

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