Social media personality Andrew Tate mocked the appearance of Indian-American doctor Kirti Patel after she told him his body type is attractive to gay men.

Andrew Tate Ridicules Indian-American Doctor’s Appearance After Body Type Comment

Andrew Tate engaged in mocking an Indian-American doctor’s appearance on social media after she commented that his muscular physique primarily appeals to gay men. The controversy ignited when Tate shared a shirtless photo on social media platform X (previously Twitter), accompanied by the caption: “I don’t sleep with vaccinated women.”

Dr. Kirti Patel, a medical influencer and gynecologist, remarked that Tate’s body type might exclusively attract gay men and mentioned her past refusals of dates with “gym bros” possessing well-defined abs due to associating such physique with aggression and narcissism.

“I have turned down dates with gym bros with ripped abs because I find this body type suggestive of aggression and narcissism. I assume other women share this sentiment,” Patel expressed, outlining her perception of different body types.

This exchange sparked a heated exchange between Patel and Tate. Tate seemed to deride Patel’s appearance, stating, “I’m super disappointed that I’m not attractive to you Kirti. I was only trying to make my arms as big as your nose.”

Continuing his online taunts, Tate shared additional pictures of Patel, deeming his comments “funny” and “hilarious” while coining the term ‘Kirtius’ to mock her and labeling her a ‘nose guardian.’

Tate has gained notoriety for his viewpoints, often criticized for promoting misogyny. He has openly expressed contempt for feminists and the feminist movement and has occasionally made hurtful remarks towards the LGBT community.

Critics argue that the ultra-masculine lifestyle Tate promotes, which many young men idolize, fosters risks and nurtures hostility towards women.

Currently facing trial in Romania on human trafficking charges, Tate, along with his brother Tristan Tate, was indicted in June 2023 for allegations involving human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to exploit women. Both have denied these accusations.

The Tate brothers, dual citizens of the US and UK, were initially held in police custody from late December 2022 to April 2023 during a criminal investigation to prevent fleeing and possible tampering with evidence. Subsequently, they were put under house arrest and later placed under judicial control.

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