Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh (left) stepped down as a minister in Himachal Pradesh cabinet led by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh (left) stepped down as a minister in Himachal Pradesh cabinet led by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

Vikramaditya Singh’s Social Media Move Amid Congress’ Battle with ‘Black Snakes’

Tensions rise within the Congress party in Himachal Pradesh as Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu labels the six disqualified Congress MLAs as “black snakes” for their alleged betrayal during the Rajya Sabha election. The disqualified members, accused of cross-voting in favor of the BJP, now find themselves at the center of a political storm.

Chief Minister Sukhu, addressing a public gathering in Dharampur, expressed outrage at the defected MLAs, accusing them of trading their honor for personal gain and destabilizing the Congress government. He called into question their ability to serve their constituents, asserting that such actions undermined the trust placed in them by the party.

Defending his stance, Sukhu likened the act of betraying one’s own party to that of a “black snake” in politics, emphasizing the need for accountability among elected representatives. He urged the rebel MLAs to acknowledge their mistakes and reconcile with the party.

In an attempt to ease tensions, Sukhu acknowledged Vikramaditya Singh, who recently resigned as a cabinet minister, indicating his support for Singh’s efforts to engage with the disqualified MLAs. Singh’s meeting with the rebel members in Chandigarh underscores ongoing attempts within the party to address internal dissent and realign party unity.

Vikramaditya Singh, scion of a prominent political family in Himachal Pradesh, initially tendered his resignation but later withdrew it pending further dialogue within the party. His social media update, removing references to his ministerial role and rebranding himself as a servant of Himachal Pradesh, signifies a shift in his political positioning amidst the unfolding crisis.

Meanwhile, dissent within the ranks continues to brew, with disqualified MLA Rajinder Rana taking to Facebook to criticize Sukhu’s leadership and lament the apparent betrayal of Himachali values. The remarks reflect the deepening divisions within the party and the uncertainty surrounding its future trajectory.

As the political drama unfolds, Pratibha Singh, Himachal Pradesh Congress chief, voices support for the disqualified MLAs, citing their desire to be heard within the party. She criticizes the hasty decision to disqualify them and calls for greater dialogue and understanding within the party ranks.

The crisis underscores the challenges facing the Congress party in Himachal Pradesh, as it grapples with internal dissent and external pressures amidst shifting political alliances. The repercussions of the rebel MLAs’ actions in the Rajya Sabha election reverberate through the state’s political landscape, leaving questions about the party’s unity and future direction unanswered.

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