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Chennai Station Clash

Violent Clash Erupts at Pattaravakkam Railway Station in Chennai

Dramatic scenes unfolded at Pattaravakkam Railway Station in Chennai on Wednesday as two groups of students clashed, resulting in a chaotic situation. Stones were hurled, causing panic among passengers.

Following the incident, three students have been apprehended, and an investigation is underway.

The violence erupted as a suburban train arrived at Pattaravakkam station near Ambattur. Around 30 students engaged in a sudden altercation, throwing stones and wooden sticks.

Concerned passengers alerted the Railway Protection Force (RPF), prompting officers to intervene and detain three students.

Footage of the confrontation has circulated widely online.

Initial inquiries suggest that the students involved belonged to Pachaiyappan College and Presidency College, known for a longstanding rivalry resulting in such alarming confrontations.

According to authorities, students from Pachaiyappan College awaited the arrival of the train, anticipating the presence of their rivals from Presidency College. Upon the train’s stop at Pattaravakkam station, the clash ensued.

Law enforcement has formed a dedicated team to track down other individuals involved in the violence who fled the scene.

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