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Sridevi's Chennai Mansion

Janhvi Kapoor Offers Exclusive Glimpse into Sridevi’s Chennai Mansion

Actress Janhvi Kapoor continues to cherish memories of her late mother, Sridevi. Now, in a unique move reported by People’s Magazine, Janhvi plans to share a piece of her childhood with the world. Airbnb has listed Sridevi’s Chennai mansion as one of its 11 iconic properties available for rent.

Lucky guests will not only have the opportunity to stay in this historic home but also engage with Janhvi herself. Conversations with the actress will include discussions on beauty hacks passed down from Sridevi and a chance to savor authentic South Indian cuisine.

Originally bought by Sridevi and Boney Kapoor after their marriage, the mansion boasts a rich history. Despite being adorned with artifacts from around the world, maintenance issues forced its closure. However, after Sridevi’s passing, Boney Kapoor had the house renovated, and in 2022, it was even featured in Vogue India.

The mansion holds special memories, including Sridevi’s paintings, a secret room, and walls adorned with family photos. Janhvi Kapoor herself has contributed to its charm, with paintings created during lockdown adorning the TV room.

Guests renting the mansion will get an intimate look into the Kapoor family’s life and enjoy Janhvi’s hospitality. From a tour of the coastal home to indulging in South Indian delicacies, the experience promises to be unforgettable.

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