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High Court Calls for Regulation

Madras High Court Calls for Regulation of YouTube Channels Amid Controversy

In a significant development, the Madras High Court has raised concerns regarding the unchecked activities of certain YouTube channels, emphasizing the urgent need for state regulation to curb their negative impact on society.

During a hearing on Thursday, Justice K Kumaresh Babu addressed the issue while considering an anticipatory bail plea filed by YouTuber Felix Gerald. Gerald faced charges stemming from an interview he conducted with Savukku Shankar, wherein derogatory remarks against women police personnel were made.

Expressing dismay over the content of the interview, Justice Kumaresh Babu remarked that the interviewer, Felix Gerald, should have been treated as the primary accused for soliciting such statements from Shankar. The controversy erupted following the broadcast of the interview on the RedPix YouTube channel, leading to legal action against both Shankar and Gerald.

While Shankar has been arrested in connection with the incident, Gerald sought anticipatory bail to avoid potential arrest. During the hearing, an additional public prosecutor highlighted the adverse impact of the interview on the morale of the Tamil Nadu police force, stressing the need for accountability.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Justice Kumaresh Babu questioned the nature of the interview, expressing concern over its implications. He directed the Coimbatore police to provide their response within a week, signaling a proactive stance in addressing the matter.

The court’s intervention underscores growing concerns over the role and responsibility of YouTube channels in disseminating content that may incite controversy or harm societal values. As the case unfolds, it highlights the imperative for regulatory measures to ensure accountability and safeguard public interest in the digital sphere.

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