The special perfumes will be distributed to the devotees.

Fragrant Welcomes and Devotion: Ayodhya Gears Up for Ram Mandir Grand Opening

Introduction: As the city of Ayodhya buzzes with anticipation for the grand opening of the Ram Mandir, set to unfold in all its glory today, a unique and aromatic touch has been added to the festivities. Adorned with lights and flowers, the city is fully prepared for the historic Pran Pratishta ceremony. Adding to the sensory experience, a businessman from Bareilly has crafted a special musk perfume and saffron incense dedicated to this sacred occasion.

A Fragrant Welcome: As devotees and guests converge on Ayodhya to witness the monumental Pran Pratishta ceremony, they will be greeted by the alluring fragrance of a specially crafted perfume from Bareilly. The city is set to be swathed in the captivating scent, creating an immersive and memorable experience for everyone present.

Gifts for Devotees: In a gesture of warmth and hospitality, devotees arriving in Ayodhya today will receive special gifts – perfume bottles and saffron incense sticks. A generous contribution from Bareilly, a total of 5,000 perfume bottles and 7,000 saffron incense sticks have been sent to Ayodhya, symbolizing the shared joy of this historic moment.

Businessman’s Vision: Gaurav Mittal, the visionary businessman behind this aromatic endeavor, shared insights into the inspiration behind the special perfumes. Drawing from the pages of Ramcharitmanas, Mittal explained, “In Ramcharitmanas, it is mentioned that when Ram ji was born, Dashrath ji had sprinkled sandalwood and musk all over Ayodhya. Hence, I thought that we too should use the same elements to create a natural fragrance.”

Behind the Scenes: Crafting this aromatic tribute required meticulous effort, as Mittal and his team dedicated 10 days to create the perfume. A special team was deployed, emphasizing the attention to detail and commitment to making this fragrance a true reflection of the significance of the occasion.

Grand Consecration: As the city brims with excitement, the grand consecration of the Ram Mandir is poised to take place today, with over 7,000 guests and foreign dignitaries expected to join the celebration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will preside over the ceremony as the Chief Guest, making it a truly historic and joyous occasion.

Nationwide Festivities: Beyond Ayodhya, celebrations are underway in different parts of the country as people come together to celebrate Lord Ram’s life and the Pran Pratishta of the temple, marking this day as a momentous occasion in the cultural and religious tapestry of India.

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