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The reptile was a Nile crocodile - the largest among the species.

Video: Zookeeper Narrowly Escapes 15-Foot Crocodile Attack

A zookeeper in South Africa narrowly avoided a deadly encounter when a 15-foot crocodile attacked him inside an enclosure. The harrowing incident unfolded on Sunday at Crocodile Creek theme park in Ballito, Kwa-Zulu Natal, as reported by local media outlets. The seasoned reptile expert, whose identity remains undisclosed, was conducting a demonstration for dozens of visitors when the confrontation occurred.

According to footage circulating on social media, the zookeeper was provocatively engaging the crocodile with a stick, hoping to elicit a response. However, the situation escalated dramatically when the reptile suddenly lunged at him, bypassing the intended target and clamping its powerful jaws around the zookeeper’s waist.

The aggressor in this chilling encounter was a Nile crocodile, renowned as the largest species of crocodile with an unmatched bite force.

Adding to the peril, a second, slightly smaller crocodile in the enclosure swiftly joined the attack, amplifying the danger for the zookeeper.

As panic ensued among the tourists witnessing the ordeal, cries for help rang out, prompting urgent action. Miraculously, the crocodile eventually relinquished its grip, allowing the zookeeper to extricate himself and flee to safety.

Multiple social media users, including Reaction Unit South Africa, shared the video capturing the terrifying episode. Reaction Unit South Africa, in a Facebook post, disclosed that the zookeeper sustained injuries to his leg during the ordeal.

Further details emerged from witnesses present at the park during the incident. One visitor recounted to Reaction Unit South Africa that they were engrossed in the show when the crocodile launched its assault on the handler. Despite the perilous situation, the zookeeper managed to break free from the crocodile’s grasp and make a swift exit from the enclosure.

Following the distress call, emergency responders were promptly dispatched to the scene. By the time they arrived, the injured individual had already been transported to a medical facility for treatment, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

The heart-stopping encounter serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with working closely with apex predators, even for seasoned professionals.

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