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Heroic Hyderabad Woman and Daughter Thwart Armed Robbery Attempt at Their Home

In a display of extraordinary courage, a mother and her daughter successfully defended their home in Hyderabad against two armed intruders on Thursday afternoon, thwarting what appeared to be a robbery attempt. Their bravery has earned them recognition from the local police force.

Amita Mehot, aged 42, and her daughter were present at their residence when the doorbell rang around 2 pm. Upon opening the door, their maid was confronted by two men claiming to deliver a parcel. Despite being instructed to wait outside, one of the men, identified as Sushil, brandished a gun, while his accomplice, named Premchand, held a knife to the maid’s throat.

Ignoring all warnings, the intruders forcefully entered the house and demanded the surrender of all valuable possessions. However, they hadn’t anticipated the fierce resistance from the courageous mother-daughter duo, who fought back by kicking Sushil and raising alarms for help.

Surveillance footage revealed the determined women chasing one of the assailants as they attempted to flee. Thanks to the swift action of their neighbors, Premchand was apprehended, while Sushil managed to escape briefly before being apprehended later.

Investigations revealed that both perpetrators had previously worked for the family approximately a year ago, as confirmed by the police.

A formal complaint lodged by Amita led to the registration of a case against the assailants.

In recognition of their bravery, Rohini Priyadarshini, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North), honored the two women in the presence of Amita’s proud husband and father, Navratan.

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