Sri Sairam College taking revenge on Students

Sri Sairam College had gone to very cheap standards by taking revenge on students through the hostel students by providing inedible food for all the students for last 2 days, cut down the water supply and last night there was a power shutdown during which 10 to 12 goons (floor supervisors) had beaten students in the dark. Such a cowardice act by the Management to force students to get their signature of acceptance for Balu’s return to the college… But this backfired as a riot from the students side.. The Cowardice management still didn’t give up and brought in the police to latthi charge the students… Not even a single media was able to cover this as they could have been paid a hefty amount by the Management… Request you guys to spread this news as much as possible… Parents should definitely question the management for torturing their children… The management has thought no discipline but induced violence to our very own students… Shame on SSEC management

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