A combination of plans is being worked out, say officials.

Metro Rail mulls 50% fare discount on Sundays

A combination of plans is being worked out, say officials.

Officials weighing options to boost footfall

In a bid to boost ridership, Chennai Metro Rail is planning to give 50% fare discount on Sundays.

“A combination of plans is being worked out. It may either be 50% discount on Sunday alone or on Sundays and other public holidays. It could be for a few months or up to one year. After carefully deliberating on what may work out to be the best option, the proposal will be sent to the board of Chennai Metro Rail,” highly placed sources told.

One of the main reasons behind the proposal is that while the ridership has been growing consistently during weekdays, it is very poor on Sundays and public holidays.

“On weekdays, about 1.15-1.20 lakh people travel by Metro Rail. But on Sundays, only 60,000-70,000 people use the system. If this plan is implemented, there is a possibility that more people will use Metro Rail,” another official said.

A board member told that the proposal could be considered if it will prove beneficial to the commuters.

Sources said that they have started running feeder services at many stations. For instance, there is a service from Government Estate and AG-to the Marina beach. Since, a large number of people gather at the Marina on Sundays and other public holidays, a 50% discount will draw more crowds to the Metro.

Last year, when Metro Rail offered a 40% discount for one week to test if more people prefer it when fares are reduced, the ridership grew by 67%.

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