Zaira Wasim,Vikas Sachdev and Divya Sachdev,

Guilty Of Molesting ‘Dangal’ Actor Zaira Wasim, Man Sentenced For 3 Years

A man from Mumbai has been found guilty of molesting the Dangal actress Zaira Wasim on a flight from New Delhi to Mumbai. A maned named Vikas Sachdev was accused of molesting former actor Zaira Wasim in the year 2017.

Zaira Wasim,Vikas Sachdev and Divya Sachdev,

The court has found the man guilty of the molestation charges. The man now faces a jail term of 3 years as Zaira Wasim was 17 at the time when the case was registered with the police. Special Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences Court (POCSO) has sentenced Vikas Sachdev to 3 years of imprisonment as Zaira Wasim was a minor then.

In December 2017, Zaira Wasim stated that she was molested by Vikas Sachdev while on a flight from New Delhi to Mumbai. Zaira also added that she had informed the staff in the flight about the incident. But, the flight staff did not help The Sky Is Pink actress Zaira Wasim. The actress accused Vikas Sachdev of constantly rubbing against her when she was trying to sleep on the flight. The man on the other hand, said in his defence that he was trying to sleep on the flight and that Zaira Wasim mistook it for molestation. As per media reports, Vikas Sachdev’s family supports his claim of innocence. They are claiming the incident on the flight as an accident.

Zaira Wasim last featured in the film, The Sky Is Pink, along with Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar in the lead. The actress quit her acting career in 2019 stating that her profession “threatened” her relationship with her religion in a long Facebook post. This decision by the actress had shocked her fans.

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