Dr. N. Neela Vishnu, Managing Director of RCET

Dr. N. Neela Vishnu, Managing Director of RCET

Excellence is not being the best; it’s doing your best- Dr. Neela Vishnu with innovative ideas

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Dr. N. Neela Vishnu, Managing Director of RCET

Dr. N. Neela Vishnu, managing director of RCET, is an enthusiastic, dynamic and vibrant educationalist whose vision paves the path for a change in educational field. He has received his Bachelor degree in Economics from M.S. University in 2011 and has completed his MBA (Finance and Marketing) from SRM University in 2013.

Dr. Neela Vishnu is very much influenced by the life of his father, Shri. Neela Marthandan. He started from the bottom and slowly and very patiently climbed his ladder of success and thus started the Rohini group. His strong will and great enthusiasm made him industrialists.

This life is an inspiration for Neela Vishnu. With the support of his father Vishnu’s vision of an educational institution came to light. He understood how important the study of science and technology is for the development of the nation.

He follows his father by providing scholarships and funds to meritorious students so that money doesn’t become a hurdle in the education of a deserving child. His noble deed has earned a lot of respect and made him one of the most countable people in Kanyakumari District and yet there is not even a hint of ego in him.

For all the good deeds, Dr. Neela Vishnu received the prestigious Rashtra Vibushan Award for his excellent contribution to Education and Social Development on December 2015. And also, he received an honorary Doctoral Letters for his social service in 2018.

As the managing director of RCET, his mission is to give quality education to the students and impart their life standard.

Of the several activities conducted under his leadership, recent activities like Two Days National Level Workshop on “OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION & NBA ACCREDITATION”, World Innovation Day Celebration Virtually and Webinar on “Creative Confidence for Innovation” shows his urge for finding new paths in the field of education during the difficult times of COVID 19.

He is a man with innovative ideas and works for welfare of the students. His interest on new technology enriches the campus. He is a diligent and a dedicated person and a role model for the younger generation. His hard work adds fame to his crown. His friendly approach to the students shows his love and care towards the younger generation.

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