HoLEP gives relief to heart transplant survivor

Kauvery Hospital in Chennai

HoLEP gives relief to heart transplant survivor

HoLEP also offers numerous advantages over traditional procedures, such as TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate).

CHENNAI : Kauvery Hospital has successfully treated a heart transplant survivor for prostate enlargement using an advanced laser procedure — HoLEP. The procedure is an effective treatment that is minimally invasive, requiring shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery.

The 63-year-old gentleman had frequent urinary infections post-transplant, and also had difficulty emptying his bladder. clinical evaluation showed enlargement of prostate; he was prescribed medications for the same as a surgery was not advised at that point. However, his symptoms did not improve. Considering his clinical profile, HoLEP was advised to treat the prostate enlargement.The HoLEP procedure was performed within a month post-transplant, with a very successful outcome.

Speaking about the procedure, Dr Jeevagan, senior consultant urologist and an expert in performing HoLEP procedures says, “HoLEP’s remarkable safety profile sets it apart, making it suitable for patients with complex medical histories, including heart transplant recipients on blood-thinning medications and immunosuppressants. The procedure was successful and the patient was quickly relieved of his symptoms The procedure can be performed on prostates of any size and is considered the gold standard for glands weighing above 70 grams.

HoLEP also offers numerous advantages over traditional procedures, such as TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate). HoLEP minimises bleeding during the process and reduces the risk of complications, including urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, bladder neck narrowing, post-operative urinary retention and hematuria, especially when in safe hands. Patients undergoing HoLEP experience shorter hospital stays and can resume their normal activities within days.

Speaking about the successful treatment, Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, executive director of Kauvery Hospitals Chennai, said, “The HoLEP procedure is a boon for those with complex medical history. However, it requires highly skilled surgeons to perform the surgery effectively. Dr Jeevagan is an expert in HoLEP and I congratulate him for providing the right treatment and relieving the patient of his symptoms.”

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