RCET - The Best Engineering Colleges in Kanyakumari

RCET - The Best Engineering Colleges in Kanyakumari

Why are aspiring engineers in Kerala keen on studying at Rohini College of Engineering & Technology

Engineering is one of the many branches of science that is in demand by the young generation as well as the world itself. India itself produces 1.5 million engineers every year which is a very huge number.

Huge numbers clearly lead to tough level competitions among professionals. The competition is not just among engineers but also among students. One of the main things that concern every aspiring engineer is a job opportunity. Nobody desires to study with their heart and soul for 4 long years only to end up at their home with no job in hand. Therefore, students opting for engineering as a profession has started looking for colleges that provide the best quality education and that help them stand out among the rest of the engineers.

Rohini College of Engineering & Technology located in the Kanyakumari district seems to be receiving more and the number of students with dreams of becoming engineers. So what is it that this college is doing right that is attracting the students? Below are some of the very simple yet thoughtful things that are done by this institute.

RCET - The Best Engineering Colleges in Kanyakumari
RCET – The Best Engineering Colleges in Kanyakumari
  1. Comfort: In order for the students to be focused on their goals, it is important that they are comfortable in their learning environment. The teachers and the staff members of Rohini College of Engineering are known for their friendly nature towards students which opens the gates of knowledge for the students. The college also provides various amenities to its students such as a gym, hostel facilities, a huge stock of books to learn from, etc.
  2. Home away from home: Hostels at the Rohini College are divided into three categories depending on the facilities provided in it. The students not only get the freedom to choose the category they feel is best for them but also make them responsible for
  3. Food that makes you feel at home: The College has several canteens and food kiosks scattered in every corner of the campus. The food served in these canteens is good in taste as well as hygienic. Students get fast food as well as traditional North Indian, South Indian food.
  4. The abundance of knowledge: Rohini College is one of the best engineering colleges in Kanyakumari district and that is only because of the abundance of knowledge it has. Students have access to their libraries which contain knowledge in the form of magazines, articles, books, e-books, etc. In order to make it easy for the students to access the knowledge on their fingertip, the college is equipped with 24×7 free Wi-Fi facilities. The students use the internet to browse the information they need on their cell phones as well as they get access to the e-library of the college.
  5. Events & Placements: Rohini College acknowledges the importance of extracurricular activities as well as sports and games. Therefore, several festivals are conducted at the college such as technical events; inter-college technical contests, seminars, etc. Over the years, the reputation of the college has helped them gain the trust of some of the very well-known companies in the country. The placement cell of the college works hard to make sure that the students of the college are given every opportunity they will need to get their dream job at one of the multi-national and well-known companies of the world.

Rohini College has been tagged as the best engineering college of Kanyakumari and the facilities it provides to its students is just proof of that. If you belong to the same region and if you too have a dream job, Rohini College of Engineering & Technology might be the best place where you may have it all!

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